You Can Reach Your Sensual and Sexual Potential Through Tantra!

You are looking for greater fulfillment and a higher level of satisfaction, aren’t you?  Perhaps you have a sense there is more to sex than the traditional experience you have been conditioned to expect.  Maybe you wonder why, at the end of the night, you feel uncompleted.  Could be you just desire the confidence that accompanies feeling fully connected with your sensual self.  Tantric Asheville offers individualized instruction for Men and Women.

Women quite naturally are capable of Tantric sensuality as we have a greater awareness of the relation between mind, heart and body.  Unfortunately, we often have body image issues or feel reluctant in pursuing complete sensual fulfillment.  Most often this is caused by Western social mores ranging from shame based attitudes about sexuality to fairy tale romances with white knights to unrealistic sexual expectations propagated by pornography.

The real shame lies in being denied the chance to be truly open as a sexual being and in not given the keys to the kingdom that exists inside all of us.  That realm can be experienced through the intentional and conscious pursuit of a true mind, body and heart connection that allows us to be sexually alive.  That pursuit is exactly what Tantric Sex is all about.


What happens during Tantric Coaching?

You will meet with your Tantric Coach in a comfortable, sensual and safe environment.  Candle lighting, incense and soft music will make for an ambience in which openness and passion may flower.

In order to best serve your individual needs, we will discuss what you are hoping to learn from the sessions.   This assures the greatest outcome in developing your new sexual container.

For the most part your Tantra learning sessions will include exploration of your sensual energies, understanding and opening to them.  You will learn the art of devotional Tantric Touch, eye gazing, circular breathing and other methods of erotic communication, stimulation and fulfillment.

Nudity and explicit sexual activity are not required during your sessions.  Homework exercises and suggested reading will build on your sessions and enhance your sensual growth.   If you prefer a more active and open learning experience, you may discuss this option with your Tantric Coach.

As with any new learning activity, true growth will not occur in a single session.  It is highly recommended for those actively seeking real sensual transformation to commit to ongoing Tantric coaching.  Each session builds on the last, leading to sustainable, sensual and personal growth.

For this reason, Tantric Asheville offers packages from three to five sessions.  Not only does this ensure optimal results but package pricing is prorated from single session pricing.

Tantric Coaching from Tantric Asheville is for anyone seeking sexual, spiritual, sensual exploration and rejuvenation.  Interested individuals of any sexual orientation are invited to begin the journey to true sensual well being!

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