Welcome to the path to Sensual Empowerment, Tantra.  You may be curious about this wonderful way of transforming your sensual and sexual self and relationships.  Hopefully the following will answer questions you have about Tantra and Tantric Asheville.  If not, please feel free to email us at transcend@tantricasheville.com

Tantra is based on Hindu and Buddhist practices dating back more than 2,000 years.

Tantra is not a religion, though it is spiritual and recognizes the divine in each of us.

Tantra is a collection of principles and practices to balance our awareness and enjoyment in living.

Tantra is not based on the Kama Sutra- its origins are in Tantra but its contents have been revised over time.

Tantric Sex is about combining consciousness, presence, emotion and body to enjoy a new and deeper sexual experience.  

Tantric Sex is not about giving up current sexual practices you enjoy.

Tantric Sex is a continual learning of ways to reach your sexual and sensual potential.

Tantric Sex is not rocket science.  It is intuitive and within the grasp of anyone who desires to practice it.

Tantric Sex is about mastering sexual energy, sensuality, intimacy, arousal and satisfaction.

Tantric Sex is not about becoming the next American Gigolo or Gigolette.

Tantric Sex is about channeling energy, emotion, breathing, eye gazing and sexual healing.

Tantric Sex is not a series of new moves, positions, contortions or dance steps.

Tantric Sex is about reaching the masculine and feminine deities that reside in everyone.

Tantric Sex is not about changing or challenging your sexual orientation.

Tantric Sex is about touch as much as it is about expansion of sensuality.

Tantric Sex is not massage although one compliments the other.


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